Is this thing on?

Welcome to my travel journal. Over the next few weeks I will be Interrailing across Europe, and will use this blog to record my thoughts and experiences. I am all set up for mobile blogging so expect regular updates!

I am starting my journey in Cambridge, because that’s where I live. I am making my way to London on Friday night, and will be up early on Saturday to catch the Eurostar to Paris, in what will be my first ever venture on the famous Chunnel.

Interrailing is the perfect way to see Europe: One ticket to rule them all.  With a single pass you can experience several countries relatively cheaply, whether travelling overnight on sleeper trains or taking the scenic route through one of the continent’s great vistas.  Europe has a lot to offer and I’m rather looking forward to getting out there.

So why non-traveller? Quite simply, because that’s what I am.  Sure, I’ve been abroad before, but not in the exploratory manner that I am now attempting.  This is still new to me, but I confidently predict the end of my non-travelling days.

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One Response to Is this thing on?

  1. Well done Mark! I am finding your report so interesting and I look forward each day to your next blog. Grandma Josie

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