Crossing Switzerland

Switzerland has always fascinated me: A people that are both determinedly neutral and fiercely independent – a combination of traits that means they have a large army that they never use. Young Swiss men are still required to serve in the military, a law that is hotly contended by today’s youngsters. Yet the Swiss Army brand is iconic worldwide, famous for its watches, flasks, and of course the classic penknife. The are in fact two companies that manufacture Swiss Army knives, both claiming to be the real deal. One is called ‘the Original’, and the other is called ‘the Authentic’.

I’ve spent the day travelling from one side of Switzerland to the other, meaning I’ve missed out on some of its best bits, but oh well. Tomorrow I shall be taking the high road through the Alps, from Chur, where I am now, to Tirano in Italy. See you on the other side!

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