Florence Nightlife

(See what I did there?) After arriving in Tirano in northern Italy, I didn’t fancy staying there. It was a nice enough town, but didn’t seem to have much to do there. So I whipped out my European rail timetable, decided where to go, and before I knew it I was in a bar in Florence. On arriving I passed the magnificent Il Duomo cathedral, which I’ll be checking out today.

Oh, and this is a sample of the view from the Bernina Express alpine railway:

Shame about the weather, but that’s what you get for booking a trip in March.

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4 Responses to Florence Nightlife

  1. karen ridgewell says:

    It looks fabulous Mark. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Florence and good idea to move there! You’ve covered a lot of ground in just 6 days!

  2. karen ridgewell says:

    Hope the weather is better in Italy!

  3. Trevor Ridgewell says:

    Florence is an amazing place!
    P.S. Don’t foget to bring me back some tiramisu ice cream please (two scoops)

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