Yesterday morning I was crossing the snowy Alps, today I spent the day enjoying sunny Tuscany. Did I mention that InterRailing is awesome? If I had to describe Florence in one word, it would be: achingly beautiful. OK, that’s two words, but you’ve got to let me have that, one just doesn’t do the place justice.

In the morning I climbed the 414 steps to the top of Il Duomo, which I photographed last night. The views from the top were spectacular. I noticed an area of trees and parkland (on the left of the photo), which I decided to check out later.

One thing about Florence is that it is a tourist haven, and was packed even at this time of year. Once I was able to escape the crowds however, the city treated me with vista after stunning vista. After enjoying a tiramisu ice cream (sorry Trevor, wouldn’t fit in my backpack) I explored the palatial gardens of Palazzo Pitti.

Right, I’m off to a bar with some fellow hostellers!

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One Response to Florence

  1. karen ridgewell says:

    Oh wow Mark it looks fantastic. So glad that you are having such a good time and so good to see a sunny photo!

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