I had intended to visit Lucca today, after advice from someone at the hostel, but I left it a bit late to find accommodation and couldn’t find anywhere to stay. So I’m planning to see Lucca tomorrow instead. I found a hostel a short train journey away in a little town called Pisa. There’s not much to see here, except a little-known landmark. So here you go, one not-quite vertical tower!


Though I wasn’t intending to stop here, I’m glad I did. The Tower really is a sight to behold. Built in 1173, shifting soil caused the tower to start leaning when it was only three storeys high, and it didn’t stop until the 1990’s (!), when it’s slow topple was halted by some clever engineering.

Experts calculated that the tower had already tipped a tenth of a degree past the threshold required to fall before it was rescued.

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One Response to Pisa

  1. Frank Baldry says:

    Loving the blog Mark. You certainly wont be a non-traveller by the end of the trip!

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