Where do I begin to describe this eclectic, hedonistic and stunningly pretty city? From sleepy canals lined with charmingly off-kilter houses, to crazy cafés and bars, Amsterdam is a city with a penchant both for high culture and for sleaze. It lays claim to some of the world’s greatest artists, like Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh (or Van Cough as I like to call him, owing to the way his name’s pronounced in Dutch). It was also home to Anne Frank, who I’ll save for another post.

The man himself: Rembrandt in the flesh (or iron)

I’m staying in a quirky hotel-hostel in a former brothel, with friendly staff, fully equipped kitchen and even a laundry service. I want to live here!

Wandering around the city is an enjoyable experience, as everything is packed into a small space, and there’s so much to see. What could be more beautiful than a herd of swans swimming on a moonlit canal at midnight?


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One Response to Amsterdam

  1. karen ridgewell says:

    Glad you’re enjoying Amsterdam Mark, it’s a lovely place and small enough to see everything. x

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