Far-seeing Berlin

Staying in Berlin with friends, we decided to check out the Fernsehturm.


The Fernsehturm (TV Tower) was built in East Berlin in 1965 by the GDR, 4 years after the Berlin Wall was put up. ‘Fernseh’, or TV, literally translates as ‘farsee’, which seems oddly appropriate for a structure where you can see out to the whole of the city.


After travelling up this tower (tickets cost €11), we took a walk along the river to see something we missed on my last visit: one of the few remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall. The East side of the wall is covered with professional graffiti artwork dating back from 1990.


The wall was erected by the East German government (GDR) to prevent the emigration of talent into the more prosperous West. Before the fall of the wall in 1989, passage from East to West was prohibited by a ‘death strip’ patrolled by armed guards. German unification finally took place in October 1990.

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