Eastern Europe beckons

I like Berlin. It’s a vibrant place with plenty to see and do in both the day and at night, a lot of history (especially recent history – man does Berlin have a fascinating recent history), great public transport, and tasty beer.

However, it’s time to move on. The point of this trip is to explore parts of Europe I’ve never seen before, and so far I’ve only seen Berlin, which I’ve visited before. My sights are now set on Poland, and I’ll be setting off tomorrow to check out as much of the country as I can. I’ve heard great things about Poland, so I may struggle to move on from here, but there are many other Eastern countries I’m hoping to visit also.

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One Response to Eastern Europe beckons

  1. Karen Ridgewell says:

    How exciting Mark, enjoy Poland. Krakow is a fascinationg city so looking forward to reading your post from there!

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