Heading south

I’m writing this from the train as I trundle out of Warsaw, having made a connection here just long enough to snap a picture of the Palace of Culture and Science, that monumental relic of the Soviet era.


Catching a train from Toruń proved challenging, not to mention amusing. After mispronouncing Kraków as Krakówa and accidentally trying to pay first in Euros and then in Czech money (I couldn’t have looked more like an ignorant tourist if I tried), I was then faced with the task of finding my train with no platform information whatsoever. It was only on overhearing a girl ask a question ending with ‘…Warszawa?’ that I identified the correct train.

Anyway, despite all this I’ve managed to situate myself on a train to Cracow, which I’ve really been looking forward to visiting. I’ve only heard good things about it.

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