Just as I hear of beautiful weather back home in the UK, the clouds finally roll in over Poland. But don’t feel too smug, I plan on heading to the mediterranean before long.

I enjoyed a lazy day yesterday – after a late breakfast I wandered through the old town at Krakow, taking in the sights and getting some snaps of the historic market square.


Then I checked out Wawel castle, which overlooks the city from the hilltop. The square was undergoing some renovation work so parts were closed, but I did get some great views of the city. The castle used to house the Polish monarchy back when Krakow was the capital, and there are many rooms to be explored, though I’ve yet to do so.


I’m staying at Greg & Tom’s hostel, which is quite possibly the best hostel I’ve been to. The staff are very friendly, they provide free dinner (!) which was veggie-friendly, and organise pub crawls for the evening. In the evening we teamed up with a group from a different hostel and enjoyed many beers and shots of delicious Polish vodka. The group included a team of young English footballers, who were getting very drunk and generally conforming to every stereotype of British tourists, much to my embarrassment!

I’d love to stay longer at this hostel, but its fully booked for the weekend and I only booked two nights. I’m experimenting with different strategies – in Poznań and Toruń I didn’t book ahead at all – which was a little scary but also quite liberating. I think the best approach though is always book weekends in advance!

I’m going to try a walking tour today, I’m not normally one for organised tours but everyone I’ve met says they’re worth doing.

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  1. Simon Ridgewell says:

    Excuse me!!

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