Sorry for the lack of posting lately, put it down to writer’s block. I honestly don’t know what to say about Prague, other than note how beautiful it is. I arrived back after my rural excursion with the sun shining and the crowds thinned after the Easter break, and set out to explore Prague in better spirits. When arriving in a new place I like to just wander around with no particular plans in mind. Remember: the only difference between exploring and being lost is whether you want to be!

The Old Town is centred around a lively market square, full of food stalls, and a stage providing musical entertainment. Every hour on the hour a band plays a bugle call from the top of the old town hall. This is allegedly a tradition but I have it on the authority of the tour guides from Krakow that their bugler is so much more traditional. I’ve not been able to verify this so make your own minds up who to believe!


In some ways, Prague reminds me of Paris. Both have the romantic charm, the picturesque rivers, and the fact that no matter where you go you will keep stumbling upon attractive streets lined with historic buildings. There are numerous spots providing stunning panoramas, from the riverside promenades to the many parks, such as Létna Hill.


I’m a sucker for a city with green spaces. I must have spent almost as much time walking through the parks as through the streets.


An interesting fact that many people may not know about Prague is that it has just as much history below ground as above. Some time in the middle ages a drastic measure was taken to prevent flooding: the street level across the old town was raised by a whole floor, effectively burying a time capsule of old houses, stables, cobbled streets and wells – a city beneath a city. Guided tours from the clock tower take you through this fascinating underworld and its history.


These days, many of these underground spaces are used by restaurants and bars. They certainly make for an intriguing space to spend an evening.

Of course, one of the main draws of Prague is the truly epic castle, and the cathedral of St Vitus that dwarfs everything around it. This area was almost unbearably popular, and pretty much anything more than idly walking through has to be paid for individually. You even have to pay to enter a short street of artisans’ cottages. Minding my strict budget, I avoided such luxuries. Oh well, at least the view is free.



Prague is such a photogenic city, I wish I had a decent camera instead of taking snaps with my iPhone. I’m not much of a photographer, but I’m quite pleased with this one. I call it ‘lone wanderer’.


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