To Austria! (On the road again)

I’m heading to Vienna. Having made friends with a couple from Kentucky who are going the same way as me, I’m tagging along. Getting there may prove tricky, as there’s a shuttle bus but I don’t know if there’ll be enough room for me. If not, it’s a long train ride (5:45 hours) but there should be some interesting scenery on the way.

I’ve really enjoyed Český Krumlov, I much preferred it to Prague and it’s probably been my favourite place so far. I recommend anyone to include it on a visit to the Czech Republic, though you should probably stick to the off peak season to avoid the crowds.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do in Austria, but it would be good to fit in one or two small towns. We’ll see.

Update: there was a space! The shuttle ‘bus’ turned out to be a five-seater car, so it was basically like a long distance taxi. The scenery on the way was beautiful, and reminded me of Surrey, but more rural. Much as I love trains, it was a nice change to take the road.


I’ve set up shop in Vienna, and had a wander round town with Nick and Katie the Kentuckians. There’s some awesome buildings in this city. Photos coming soon!

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One Response to To Austria! (On the road again)

  1. Karen says:

    Very exciting! Good to have some company as well.
    Look forward to the photos, take a photo of the ferris wheel for me, I’ve been on it once, I was about 12 years old!
    The Spanish riding stables are worth a look as well.

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