Going coastal

I’ve stopped for the night in Zadar, my first port of call along the Dalmatian coast. The landscape on the way from Plitvice was nothing short of epic: Craggy hills and canyons reaching as far as the eye can see. The road started by crossing the low peaks, then followed the range from up high, before curving into the plains below and passing ravines and rivers.


Zadar is an interesting place. The bulk of it seems to be an unattractive urban sprawl, save for a spit of land where a wall encapsulates the Old Town. It feels strangely isolated from the rest of the city, and I doubt many visitors venture far from this tiny peninsula.

I explored this little section of coast yesterday evening, just in time to catch an eye-watering sunset across the dark blue waters.


There is a curious art installation at the peak of the peninsula: a strange symphony of audio and visuals. A set of pipes under the promenade react to the motion of the waves, producing a discordant melody that is constantly changing; and a solar powered floor harvests the sun’s energy by day, and lights up in myriad colours by night. I unfortunately missed the light show but I did capture the aural aspect. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble uploading it — I’ll try again later.

Architectural styles from across the centuries mingle here, with communist-era tenement blocks sitting next to medieval churches.


I’m only here for one night — now I’m planning to head for the bus station and Split.

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5 Responses to Going coastal

  1. Steve says:

    Slow down, I’m barely keeping up with you! Are you doing Venice before you go east?
    You’ve got a very interesting bunch of bloggers following you!

  2. restlessjo says:

    Not literally I hope! I don’t know how long that light installation’s been at Zadar but I’ve been hearing about it for ages. Island hop a bit?

  3. Travelbunny says:

    Croatia’s beautiful. We drove from Split down to Cavtat a few years ago and the coastal scenery was stunning.

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