I’ve run out of Croatia

The original vague itinerary for my Eastern Europe trip was Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia, but tying in other countries on the way and extending further if I wanted. Having spent longer in Croatia than any other country, it’s now time to plunge into the relative unknown, because, sadly, there’s no more Croatia left along this coast. I’m now playing it by ear, even more than before.

I’ve spent the last few days in the small coastal town of Cavtat, 30 minutes on the bus from Dubrovnik. I’ve not been doing much here, just having a break from sightseeing. It’s a pleasant place to rest for a few days, and although the weather’s been patchy I’ve not minded at all.

I arrived once again without booking, and had little luck finding somewhere cheap; it seems to be mostly apartments here. Also, I was determined to find somewhere with cooking facilities, as I really didn’t fancy eating out each night. Fortunately, via the tourist office, I managed to find a private room for €25 a night with a nice lady who doesn’t speak a word of English, but was kind enough to let me use her kitchen. Needless to say, I’ve been careful to leave it spotless each time. The house has a great view of the sea, too.

The coastline around here is spectacular, and contrasts the lazy atmosphere of the town rather well. I’ve not done much while staying here, believe it or not, but I still had a chance to walk around the town and its vicinity, and admire the views.

From here, I can either continue along the coast into Montenegro, or head north into Bosnia-Herzegovina. I think, given the weather conditions over the next few days, I’ll take the latter option, as I fear the clouds won’t do the Montenegrin scenery justice. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to visit at a later point.

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One Response to I’ve run out of Croatia

  1. Playing it be ear can be so freeing and frightening all at once. I trust that you’ll find adventures wherever you end up and that you’ll share your stories with us! (If I had to give my two cents, I’d say go with Bosnia… I’ve heard it is a nice spot to visit nowadays. Plus you’ll have bragging rights of being in a former warzone!)

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