My introduction to Montenegro

After a detour through Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia, I’m back on the mediterranean coastline, this time in Montenegro. If you recall, I was hoping to visit this country after enjoying the Dalmatian coast, but headed inland due to poor weather. Now, the conditions are perfect for starting my Montenegrin adventure!

My first port of call is Kotor, a cute town nuzzled in a valley in a secluded part of the Bay of Kotor. I arrived here early in the morning on the overnight bus from Belgrade. I don’t sleep well even in a bed, so 12 hours on a bus playing rubbish Serbian dance music left me a little weary. After drifting through the eerily quiet town in a zombie state I found a hostel and went straight to sleep.

The walled part of town is a snug triangle with three gates. The front entrance opens onto the bay, which curves around the craggy hills to meet the ocean. By the time I set off exploring, a massive cruise ship had arrived and discharged its cargo of day trippers into the narrow streets, making for a rather different atmosphere than the one I first encountered this morning.

The architecture here reminds me of Croatia, which is no surprise as the Croatian border is about 30 km away. Like many cities along this coast, Kotor was part of the illustrious Roman empire. What really makes Kotor stand out is a sprawling fortress built in the surrounding hills, whose walls snake up and down the mountainside. The walls go right the way around the town, encapsulating both city and fortress.

You can hike the steep steps around the fortress for three euros. Even though I went later in the day, it was hard work in the hot sun, but the views on the way up and from the top are definitely worth it.

As I made my way back, the monstrous cruise ship set off to its next destination and the sun started to lower itself over the opposite horizon.

Back at the hostel, I enjoyed a traditional Montenegrin meal with home-made wine and chatted to fellow guests. I’m going to head out now and see what this town is like after dark!

Location: Kotor, Montenegro

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  1. Karen says:

    Some stunning photos Mark

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