What am I doing in Budva?

I’ve accidentally come to the most popular tourist resort in Montenegro. I wasn’t planning to stop here, but one of the hostel staff in Kotor highly recommended it. I can only assume she last visited several years ago. Budva’s great, if you’re into tacky restaurants, funfairs, monolithic hotels, and overcrowded beaches lined with neat rows of parasoled loungers. I’m not, in case you couldn’t tell.

It’s a shame, because the old town is really pretty. Its winding narrow alleys and tree-lined squares should make for a cosy and idyllic ambience, but the new modern hotel complex developed right on the beach next to it rather sucks the charm out of the place, as does the rest of the city. Perhaps I’m just in a cynical mood today, but I think Budva really suffered from being Montenegro’s tourism poster child.

Regardless, the scenery here is very nice, and I got some photos of the old town’s good side.

Those should tide you over until I see the real Montenegro, tomorrow. It should be interesting, but that’s all I’m saying for now.

Location: Vranjak, Budva, Montenegro

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2 Responses to What am I doing in Budva?

  1. restlessjo says:

    Shame really. It looks very pretty.

  2. Tony D says:

    I agree. Visited Perast and Kotor…great. Budva wasn’t worth the drive. I got a glimpse of Sveti Stefan and returned to Dubrovnik.

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