Still in Kiwiland

Yes, I’m still in New Zealand, despite a major lapse in blogging output. Put it down to a combination of too much to do, too little time, and laziness!

This country is incredible whichever angle you look at it from. After three weeks travelling with family I’ve struck off on my own up to the North Island. I only had a week, so I limited my visit to the beautiful Bay of Islands. Climate was a big draw for me; it’s a lot warmer up north, perfect beach weather! I’ve found a couple of idyllic beaches here with no one on them at all, save for the occasional paraglider overhead.


Aren’t you jealous?

I’ve come across a lot more Maori heritage up here. Waitangi is the site where the famous treaty was signed between the British colonial forces and the Maori chieftains, a pivotal moment in NZ history. The Waitangi treaty grounds consist of a large area with reconstructions of the 19th century buildings, and an extensive museum. From the beach, I traced the steps made by Captain William Hobson as he ascended to sign the treaty.

I’ve been staying in Paihia, stopping one night in Russell via a lovely five hour walk around the bay. This is probably not the part of New Zealand you come to for walking, nonetheless I’ve really enjoyed tramping around the peninsulas. The coastline here is fantastic: every where you look the sea is full of rock and island.

Tomorrow is my last day, then it’s a full day of travelling. Followed by another full day of travelling. Oh joy of joys.

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One Response to Still in Kiwiland

  1. Karen says:

    Glad you’re having fun. Look forward to seeing the photos.

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