Due West

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. It’s not for a lack of travelling – since my last entry I’ve moved to Sweden, toured around Scandinavia, and gone hiking in England and Germany – but for a lack of motivation. I found the blog-posts were taking a lot of time out of my day to get just right. But when I said I was going to the US and Canada, a lot of people asked if I was going to blog – so I thought why not? I might try to do some shorter posts and not focus too much on getting a ‘story’ in each one to make it easier. That said, this might be the only post I write the whole trip, we’ll see!

My journey begins in Los Angeles, and will encompass the whole west coast up to Vancouver. Stay tuned to find out what happens.

Or not. This might be it. In the meantime though, enjoy this shot of LA coming in from the plane:


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One Response to Due West

  1. Karen says:

    Look forward to following your posts.

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